Appliance Services  
Call out charge £45
All charges are plus parts and inclusive of VAT.    
Portable Appliance Services  
Minimum inspection charge £10
Labour charge per hour   £25
Vacuum cleaner service  £26
Single appliance PAT test  £8
*Most appliances can be serviced with us. If you are unsure that we can help, please call us.    
Cycle Services*  
Standard Cycle service  £35
Quality Cycle Service    £45
(this includes hydralic brake, Road and all highier end cycles)  
Puncture repair*  £10
(this is a tube replacement service. The charge is plus parts)  
Gears Reset £17
Adjust Brakes £12
True wheel £15
(this is subject to the condition of the wheel)  
*all cycle repairs will recive a free check over and estimate before any work is carried out. All prices exclude parts, except where stated.  
Mower Services  
Minimum inspection charge   £20
Petrol mower service:  
Oil change, Sharpen Blade, New spark plug , clean £55
Electric mower service:  
Complete check over, Sharpen Blade, PAT test £25
Mower repair hourly charge £30
(all prices are plus parts and inclusive of VAT)